About: Our Mission

To attract good plays by leveraging our combined size and knowledge. Everyone knows: apes strong together, apes weak divided. The more that join (by staking WALL), the stronger we become. Join us!

About: Our Products

  • Raise support: our Group of Stakers can help you fill a presale with whitelists
  • Private group: hang out in the private Group of Stakers on telegram by staking at least 1k WALL (contact us)
  • Presale aggregator: the 1st presale aggregator on the market, with over 30k+ presales tracked historically. Check it out on the front page
  • TG Bot: discover presales (and more) without ever leaving telegram, using our popular @WenPresaleBot
  • Marketing: market your token/product to our Group of Stakers and all our product users
  • Prediction dapp: 1st committee-based prediction dapp where you can try to correctly predict the outcome of basically anything (presale/token performance, economic indicators, etc.)

About: Our Token

In Staking
Our token WALL is currently on BSC. It has a total supply of 1M, no tax, no minting, and no owner. It is your entry to the Group of Stakers.
As WALL gets burned, the entry to the Group of Stakers becomes increasingly exclusive.

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